School-2-Work Bullying & Construction Pathway


S2W will provide young men with the road map of strategies, which guides prevention and, intervention in this school to work transition. This will be achieved because every child / teen and / or adult will be victimised by bullying at some stage in their life; it’s designed to cause physical and/or emotional harm by:

  • Damaging self worth, and
  • Damaging Self esteem and confidence

Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop once you finish school; the real world waits with more harm, only if you let it.

Through our adaptive training in social and emotional development, bullying awareness and behavioural responses through applicable scenarios, role-play, theory / practical outcome and VR scenario’s we evoke the emotion of bully and bullied, this “real life in real situations”.

Every human being on this planet has the right to feel safe within their own personal space. We believe no one has the right to bully or intimidate another human being. We believe that it is our job as Mentors is to help those young men to become ‘UNIQUE AS YOU ARE’.

We stand by this and belive it strongly.

Virtual Reality and Practical Scenarios

Utilising the cutting edge that Virtual Reality technology provides, S2W allows the immersion of students in multiple practical scenarios.

These scenarios allow us to evoke YOUR emotions in different scenarios, giving you the confidence, resilience, realisation and coping mechanisms to deal with bullying and social interactions in the school environment.

S2W gives you the tools to communicate with power and confidence, focusing your emotions and providing you with the fundamentals of successful and positive practices DEVELOPED by you, to carry with YOU, for the rest of YOUR life.

It’s real life, in real situations.

*please ensure you have an up to date browser to watch the below videos in 360 degrees

Aggressive Response:

Passive Response:

Positive Response: