Agriculture, Horticulture & Conservation (AHC)

  • Its time to take the step towards creating YOUR new and exciting learning pathways; to enhance your current skills and knowledge; so YOU know exactly what is going on in your enterprise.


  • iBreed Pty Ltd and Training and Assessment Mentor are excited to provide you and the wider Queensland farming community with opportunities to develop core business and farming skillsets.
  • Together we have the capacity to provide Training and Assessing for remote and local communities in three qualifications. Highly skilled trainers with both national and international Agriculture and Veterinary experience and education complete majority of Training and Assessing in a face to face capacity. Units involved in Leadership and Project management must be completed in an online learning capacity at your own pace.
  • Many factors constitute this need for development, providing farmer’s better options and control of their own business enterprises with units of competency that are nationally recognised. All training and assessment is registered to be delivered anywhere in Australia; all training is face to face with US providing all learning resources, presentations and assessments.
  • Creating pathway skillsets towards future qualifications that aligned directly with your current job specific role
  • Learning is selected by YOU for YOU; tailored to community needs
  • Most advantageous aspect of a skillset is that you build it and you select it
  • Why sign up to a full qualification spending thousands of $’s when you progress your career actively through careful selection and addressing your workforce needs a lot less
  • You pay for what you need; not for what your told you need
  • Don’t need any prior qualifications or Units of Competencies to be eligible

REMEMBER: This learning is BUILT by YOU for YOU; it’s YOUR training; its OUR passion

Certificate III in Business Administration

Certificate III in Rural Operations

Certificate III in Parks and Gardens

Diploma of project management

Diploma of leadership and management

Example Skillsets:
  • Skillset 1:

    ACDC Unrestricted Queensland Commercial Operators Licence for using Herbicides (Ground and Arial Distribution)

    • Regulating the use of herbicides and other agricultural chemicals is important, as misuse can result in potential harm to agriculture or livestock, the environment, trade, or human health.
    • Operator licensing, based on the operator undertaking a training qualification, provides the community and others with confidence that commercial operators are applying herbicides responsibly.

      When you require this licence (by location)

      • Hazardous Area 1:
        • Ground distribution spraying in total area administered by Morton Bay Regional Council and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.
        • The restricted herbicides are any herbicides containing picloram or an ester formulation of 2,4-D or MCPA
      • Hazardous Area 2:
        • Darling Downs and adjacent areas – no border definitive.
        • The restricted herbicides are any herbicide containing an ester formulation of picloram. Also any ester formulation of 2,4-D is totally banned from use in Hazardous area 2
      • Hazardous Area 3:
        • Broadly, this area consists of a substantial area surrounding the town of Emerald.
        • The restricted Herbicides are any Herbicides containing and ester formulation of 2,4-D
    • The three units to obtain this Statement of Attainment include:

  • Skillset Two:

    Enterprise WHS and Business Management

  • Skillset 3:

    Commercial Plant and Livestock Management:

    • Providing fundamental knowledge of the ground and how that in turn feeds your livestock for profitable production. The four units to obtain this Statement of Attainment includes:

      The 5 options available for delivery include:

      1. 10 people and > Two (2) day workshop at which will cover four (4) Units of Competencies from selected skillset.
        • a. This skillset is offered at $1395 per student.
      2. MIN 10 people > One (1) day workshop, which will cover the three (3), Units of which make up the ACDC contractors spray license (QLD only).
        • a. This skillset is offered at $795.
      3. 10 people > One (1) day workshop, which will cover three (3) Units of Competency from selected Skillset.
        • a. This skill set is offered at $795
      4. 5 people and Two (2) day workshop at which will cover four (4) Units of Competency
        • a. This skillset is offered at $1895 per student
      5. 5 people and One (1) day workshop, which will cover three (3), Units of Competency from the selected skillset
        • a. This skillset is offered at $1195

Upon successful completion of Accredited Training all students will receive a Statement of Attainment, which will provide full transfer of skills within any of the above qualifications if an individual wishes to continue study.

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