A message from our CEO…

Welcome to 2020, it will be, by all indications, a great year for business, training and personal achievements!

The Queensland Government has predicated a QLD growth of around 2.75% for the next 3 years, with nearly $50BILL committed to capital works in this budget year alone. The Back-to-Work initiative provides up to $20,000 in payroll tax rebates to employers that employ eligible jobseekers. Apprenticeship state funding and federal employer incentives are continuing to drive training in the construction industry in Queensland to address skill shortages.

Let’s start with a cause close to my heart, this is BIG – TAM has our very own RTHC (Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist & Coaching) division that is solely committed to Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention Programs & Treatments for the Construction Industry. The consulting office is at our TAM Headquarters in Redcliffe QLD. Every Industry Engagement Officer (IEO) and Trainer, when on-site, will be discussing the well-being of our workers and handing out information and “Mental Health” toolkits. Employers, supervisors and company owners will have access to short on-site information workshops;  individual workers will have access help sessions through the website and one – 2 – one. TAM has committed $100,000 PA for 2 years to reduce the cost to workers who want to BE AWESOME.

It’s TAM’s way of giving back to an Industry that has given so much to so many people over the years. I highly recommend all construction people to consider and visit www.rthc.org.au, if not for you, you may be the link to a fellow worker you may know!

TAM (Training & Assessment Mentor) has gone through a major re-structuring process late 2019 to ensure that we will commit to provide the absolute best service to all:

* Employers, we give you the most up-2-date training services in the Building & Civil industry, we have trained and engaged a new IEO TEAM, where we not only focus on enrolments, more importantly, on information. We are working with you to ensure that you are fully informed on on-site training procedures, workcover exemptions, payroll tax deductions, employer incentives and conducting a TNA (Training Needs Analysis) against current and future work / projects.

* Students, we have a new Training TEAM, yes, most are in the 50’s & 60’s, all are very, very “site” qualified, many are still working in Industry, what stands above all, is the passion and love of the construction & civil Industries they all have! TAM’s on-site training & assessing is the best, bar none!

* TAM is now servicing NESB (Non English Speaking Background), we have a small group of employers & students (most cannot speak a word of English) currently training with TAM, that number is growing rapidly! We have employed a full time NESB Trainer and Interpreter who has worked with us to contextualise all material and streamline our class training in their language, exciting times ahead as we head into new NESB clients, watch this space.

I wish you all a safe and productive 2020, let it grow you personally, through training or life experiences.


Remember – YOU ARE AWESOME!!!