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Training & Assessment Mentor (TAM) is an industry leading provider with a reputation as a passionate, focused and flexible Registered Training Organisation that delivers nationally accredited qualifications and training across industry sectors.

Business Service Industries (BSB)

The business services industry promotes collaboration, resilience and skills such as critical analysis and problem solving that are essential for skilling. TAM is leading the way to empower our students in the business sector to create a qualification that meets their skilling needs. In this new world, a qualification based on technical skills and knowledge is unlikely to be enough.

Civil Construction

The civil construction industry compromises of earth, water & transport infrastructure. Workers in the civil construction industry build major freeways, railways, water storage reservoirs, ridges, new housing subdivisions and other important infrastructure. To excel in this type of career, work with our TAM mentors who will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to commence your career.

General Construction

The general construction industry comprises of residential and non-residential building and construction work. The majority of work is carried out on new structures, with a proportion also carried out on alterations and additions to existing buildings. The General Construction Industry covers skills for workers in general and off-site construction occupations from entry level to management. The best way to excel in this type of career is to work with one of our TAM mentors who will give you all the necessary knowledge and tools to begin your career.

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TAM is a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering nationally accredited training from Certificate II through to Advanced Diplomas

Construction is one of the most widespread and essential industries in Australia. Whether you are building homes, office buildings, or just about anything else, other industries rely on the strength of the construction sector. The construction industry, in turn, relies on skilled individuals to plan and execute projects efficiently. For any job to be a success, it requires each individual to have the proper skills and training to complete their portion of the work.


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Training & Assessment Mentor (TAM) is an industry leading provider with areputation as a passionate, focused and flexible Registered TrainingOrganisation that delivers nationally accredited qualifications and trainingacross industry sectors such as:

  • General Construction
  • Civil Construction
  • Business Services

Collectively the Leadership Team has over 100+ years of VocationalCompetence and Industry Currency experience. Strategic planning,continuous improvement and customer focus is at the forefront of ourLeadership Team’s vision.

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I have recently completed my Certificate III in Parks and Gardens with Training & Assessment Mentor. It has been an absolute pleasure to have Jennifer and Bevan from TAM as my trainers and they have both gone above and beyond to help me through this process. As I suffer from dyslexia, I have had poor experiences with other training organisations dismissing me because too much time had to be spent with me at train outs; irrespective that I have been in the industry for over 30 years. It has been so satisfying after so long to now hold my qualification, both Jennifer and Bevan did everything to explain, demonstrate, create handouts for me and finally complete this process. I would highly recommend Jennifer and Bevan as well as Training & Assessment Mentor for any industry professional who has the experience but no qualifications.